09 novembro 2013

My (end of) love letter

It's weird to speak about it. It seems everything becomes more real. You hurt me, you continue to hurt me but I can not see my life, my future, my happiness if you are not there. No matter what, who or when you're mine and I'm yours. If life moves us apart you have to know that you where the best part of me, the one who made me believe that happiness was out there. No matter what, trust me when I say that.... Ohh if I could just see you now, I know everything would be alright. I know we are going to loose this battle, you and me, we are both going to loose. But remember me, remember the times when we made crazy love, when our room was all we needed because you and I, we were both there. Remember my smile because I will remember how you made me laugh with no reason, and that's happiness, and that's love. Yes I do Love You, I do wish you'd love me back like you used to, yes I never said that to you and I regret it now. But trust me when I say it, even though it is too late now, even though my time has passed. I was so afraid of you, of your uncontrolled love and passion, of the way you used to hold me in your arms and made me feel safe. I miss that, you know? Us. Together. Your hand. Your touch. Miss everything about it. Your love for me is not real anymore, your heart stopped racing for me, I know. But this is not a goodbye letter, we will always be around, you and me, somewhere in the world. So, every time you think of me, smile, smile hard, because my Love for you was real and, no matter what, who or when, you'll always be a part of me.
So, tonight, every night, love me like it was our last night together, and maybe, just maybe, we don't lose this war, we don't lose each other.
There's always gonna be, isn't it? You and me!

02 novembro 2013

I need a friend. I need my friends.